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The Church of St. Bernard de Clairvaux

Sunday mornings

No matter who you are or where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.

You can come and participate at whatever level you're comfortable with. You don't have to kneel or stand up to sing the

hymns.  You can just sit and let the music and words wash over you.  If you would like to receive Holy Communion, you

are welcome to come forward and receive.  We believe it is God's Table and not "our" Table and God welcomes ALL,

excluding none, and so do we.  If you prefer, you can just remain in your pew while others come forward.  Do what feels comfortable for you.


Our congregation is very diverse: we are 1/3 White, 1/3 Black and 1/3 Hispanic.  We are young and old, families and singles.  Gay and straight. Rich and poor (but mostly in-between). 


What we are for

The dignity and worth of every person. An open-minded, passionate commitment to truth. The importance of everyone’s own spiritual journey. God’s friends wherever we find them. Seeking Christ in every person who comes through the door. The sacredness of life’s rites of passage. The value of community. The hard work necessary to make sure that all are welcomed. Telling the truth about life’s challenges. A “user-friendly” Church experience. Children and families.


What we are against

Claiming to have all the answers. Elitism and exclusivism, especially in Church. Bigotry for any reason. Authoritarianism. Indifference to injustice and suffering. Certitude in the face of ambiguity and superficial answers to hard questions. 


What we value

Community, open hearts, open minds, open arms. Faith. Fortitude. Staying current, but equally staying rooted in tradition. Reason and honesty. Civic responsibility as Miamians, Americans and global citizens. Debate that allows for mutual respect. Music and beauty for their own sake. Joy in God’s creation. Anyone who makes an effort to get to know God and follow the way of Jesus.


Whoever you are, and wherever you find yourself on your journey of faith,

there is a place here for you at The Ancient Spanish Monastery.



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 Mass times

        8:00 am    -  English 

        10:15 am  -  English 

        12:15 pm  -  Spanish

Donations are accepted to support our ministries.


Click on this                               button to donate or text the amount to you'd like to give to (954) 519-7411

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